Terms and Conditions


Orders for advertisement’s including all paid-for material such as promotional features are accepted subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In these terms and conditions, the term Advertiser shall include any business or individual contracting to buy advertising space, either directly or through an advertising agency, who shall be bound as principal and not as agent. The term Publisher shall mean ‘Magascene Limited – Southside’.
  2. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse, omit, alter, suspend or withdraw all advertisements which do not meet with his approval without incurring any liability.
  3. The exchange of Advertiser’s Order and Publisher’s acceptance (in the form of either a signed order or an email confirmation) forms the entire contract between Publisher and Advertiser. This constitutes a binding contract and a firm commitment to the Publisher.
  4. Should an advert be cancelled, once the media order has been signed or confirmed by email received, the full costs of the advert will be payable by the Advertiser.
  5. All adverts must be accompanied by a proof/cromalin generated from a CMYK file. Advertisers undertake to obtain appropriate consent and/or copyright for all material supplied. The Advertiser shall deliver copy to the Publisher by the Copy Date indicated in the Advertising Order, failing which the Publisher shall be at liberty either to use copy already held or make up a single colour advertisement, according to their preference.
  6. Copy must be supplied in conformity with the Publisher’s requirements as provided. The Publisher reserves the right to charge the Advertiser for any work undertaken to adapt or modify non-conforming copy as well as charges incurred in the receipt of material.
  7. Full payment will be made within fourteen days of receipt of a voucher copy of the publication in which the advertisement appears, failing which the Publisher shall be at liberty to charge the Advertiser the full cost of pursing the debt.
  8. Any queries regarding the Advertiser’s advertisement or payment thereof must be raised with the Publisher within five days of receipt of the proof copy of the advertisement.
  9. The Advertiser undertakes that advertisements shall comply with all legal requirements of all relevant jurisdictions and in particular but without limitation shall not contain any matter whether by inclusion or omission which is defamatory, fraudulent, misleading or false nor shall any advertisement include any matter which infringes the copyright of any other rights of any third party by implication or otherwise. The Advertiser agrees that he will indemnify and hold the Publisher fully and effectively indemnified against all costs, claims, damages or other liability which the Publisher may suffer as a result of any advertisements not complying with the above undertaking.
  10. Artwork is sent at the Advertiser’s risk and the Publisher accepts no responsibility for damage or loss. Artwork will be returned to the Advertiser after use only if return is requested and the Publisher accepts no responsibility for loss or damage which may incur from its return. The Publisher has the right to dispose of copy or artwork if return is not requested within two years from the date of its last publication.
  11. In the event of the Publisher providing or making amendments to artwork at the Advertiser’s request, the Publisher cannot be held responsible for typographical or minor errors in advertisements which do not substantially affect the sense of the advertisement. In any event the maximum extent of the Publisher’s liability howsoever arising and whether to the advertiser or a third party shall not exceed the invoiced price for the placement of that advertisement.
  12. This Agreement relates solely to paid-for advertising pages and the Advertiser enters into it on the understanding that it is in no way relates to the contents of non-paid-for (ie editorial) pages over which the Publisher retains complete editorial freedom.
  13. This agreement shall be subject to the laws of England and the parties submit to the jurisidiction of the English Courts.

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