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Later Life LIving – Day Club in Northern Moor 14.01.21

Covid-19: Rapid tests for asymptomatic people to be rolled out in Manchester from today – 12.01.21

Children and Families January Newsletter – 12.01.21

National Lockdown is in effect in England – 12.01.21

Parents – Don’t miss this week’s deadline to apply for your child’s primary school place for September – 12.01.21

Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund hands out almost £30,000 to 18 Organisations – 12.01.21

Manchester Data Centre Invests £450k into Improved Resilience – 12.01.21


Southside Community Magazine – delivered to homes, schools and colleges in Wythenshawe and Northenden.

Also delivered to businesses in M22, M23 and M90.

Wythenshawe is a town growing in prosperity and size, with more than 32,500 homes and 82,000 residents.

Southside is a quarterly, quality magazine, produced by TMC,  a local media co-op.  We do not focus on news, but on ways of helping the community and businesses.

Southside is delivered door-to-door by Mailbox Distribution, and our own drivers deliver to primary schools, high schools, local colleges and businesses in M22, M23 and M90 which includes Manchester Airport and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT),  two of the largest employers in Wythenshawe, as well as Trafford College, Stockport College,  Manchester College (LTE) and Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College.  We also reach residents who most door to door distributors cannot access, using our own drivers.

Southside is an invaluable resource for every resident in Wythenshawe and surrounding postcodes. It is a reliable hub for community organisations and commercial entities to deliver their messages and information across the whole community.

Southside website keeps the community informed of job vacancies and local events which is updated weekly.

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If you have any information, forthcoming events or press releases that you think may be of interest to the community, please email info@southside.media.  Our next issue will be delivered door to door from Monday 8 June 2020  – copy required by Monday 11 May 2020.