About Southside

Southside Community Magazine is delivered to 32,000 homes, schools, colleges and businesses in Wythenshawe and Northenden.

We also delivered to businesses in M22, M23 and M90.

Wythenshawe is a town growing in prosperity and size, with more than 32,500 homes and 82,000 people living and working in the area.

Southside is a quarterly, quality magazine, produced by TMC, a local media co-op.  We do not focus on news, but on ways of helping the community and businesses.

Southside is delivered door-to-door by Mailbox Distribution, and our own drivers deliver to primary schools, high schools, local colleges and businesses in M22, M23 and M90 which includes Manchester Airport, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) and Amazon, three of the largest employers in Wythenshawe, as well as Trafford College, Stockport College, Manchester College (LTE) and Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College.  We also reach residents who most door to door distributors cannot access, using our own drivers.

Southside magazine and website are invaluable resources for every resident in Wythenshawe and surrounding postcodes. It is a reliable hub for community organisations and commercial entities to deliver their messages and information across the whole community.

Southside website keeps the community informed of job vacancies and local events and information which is updated weekly.

If you have any information, forthcoming events or press releases that you think may be of interest to the community, please email info@southside.media.

Southside acts as a community ‘broadcaster’ and encourages local people to use their voice for the benefit of their locale.

Southside’s aims include:
• To produce a publication which will communicate, educate and inform
• Encouraging community cohesion and positively promote Wythenshawe
• Change people’s perceptions of Wythenshawe
• Act as an information service
• Enable local services and businesses to share information with the community and each other
• Advertise jobs/training opportunities
• Create employment opportunities for local people.

There are approximately 82,000+ people living and working in the five wards that make up Wythenshawe – with this figure set to grow. The area is attracting substantial new business investment and, because of its location – on the southern edge of Manchester, with excellent road, rail and air links – with access to every corner of the UK and abroad, has exceptional commercial potential.

The demographics of Wythenshawe are changing too. Currently, there are more than 10% of residents in the AB social group and more homes are privately owned than rented – and these numbers are increasing.

Residents of traditional council build homes live and interact with those in new housing association properties and owner occupied flats and apartments. And, with ‘new build’ accommodation much in evidence, Wythenshawe, is again proving to be a sought after location to live and raise a family.

With the development and expansion of the Metrolink transport network and the emerging Airport City and Medipark sites (new local enterprise zones forecasting extensive employment opportunities), there is a growing need for a publication for the local community – residents and locally-based workers – which will inform, educate, provide an information hub and change people’s perception of Wythenshawe.