Southside is delivered door to door by Mailbox Distribution, and our own drivers deliver to primary schools, high schools, local colleges and businesses in M22, M23 and M90, which includes Manchester Airport, MFT (Wythenshawe Hospital) and Amazon three of the largest employers in Wythenshawe, as well as Trafford College, Stockport College and Cheadle and Marple College. We also reach residents who most door to door distributors cannot access, using our own drivers.

We are happy to share our distribution invoice with our advertisers to ensure they are confident Southside is delivered door to door.

There are more than 82,000 people living in the five wards that make up Wythenshawe – with this figure set to grow. The area is attracting substantial new business investment because of its location – on the southern edge of Manchester, with excellent road, rail and air links – with access to every corner of the UK and abroad. The demographics of Wythenshawe are changing too. Currently, there are more than 10 per cent of residents in the AB social group and more homes are privately owned rather than rented – and these numbers are increasing.

SectorActual number of households delivered to
M22 0Benchill1,617
M22 1Benchill2,200
M22 4Northenden4,267
M22 5Benchill3,185
M22 8Benchill2,258
M22 9Benchill3,693
M23 0Wythenshawe4,388
M23 1Baguley3,239
M23 2Baguley2,212
M23 9Baguley3,284
30,340 (28.09.22)

Southside – has been audited by DBC Online Partnership