Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications (width x height)     

Front Cover210mm (w) x 217mm (h)
Full Page210mm (w) x 297mm (h)
Double Page Spread420mm (w) x 297mm (h)
Half Page – Landscape180mm (w) x 131mm (h)
Half Page – Portrait88mm (w) x 267mm (h)
Quarter Page88mm (w) x 128mm (h)
Eighth Page88mm (w) x 63mm (h)

Please remember to request a 3mm bleed around the page when artwork is being produced.

Supplying Artwork

Artwork should be supplied as a high resolution press ready PDF, ensuring that all printer, screen fonts and high resolution images are included. All artwork should be CMYK colour (not RGB) and 300 dots per inch (dpi) and should include all tick marks and page information.

All artwork should be sent to for files up 15mb, or via our file server – details available on request.