Social Value

Southside community magazine is produced by (Trafford Media and Communications Ltd) TMC, a co-operative media agency based in Sharston, Wythenshawe. Southside does not attract any funding and is funded totally by advertising revenue and sponsored pages.

The aim of Southside is to inform the whole community about what is happening across the town and get them engaged.  We do not focus on news but on what is available for them in their area. If you have anything you would like to share with residents at any time, please do not hesitate to send it to us.

Southside is a quality, quarterly magazine, delivering information from community organisations, businesses, local advice and positive news for Wythenshawe and surrounding areas. It is an invaluable news resource for every resident in Wythenshawe – and beyond. It is a conduit for community organisations and commercial entities to deliver their messages and information across the whole community.

Southside not only promotes local issues and the planned ongoing regeneration of the area, but will aid in improving the overall perception of Wythenshawe, highlighting it as a desirable, sought-after location in which to live and work.

By becoming a community ‘broadcaster’, Southside encourages local people to use their voice for the benefit of their locale.

Specific objectives include:
• To produce a publication which will communicate and inform
• To encourage community cohesion and positively promote Wythenshawe
• To change people’s perceptions of Wythenshawe
• To act as an information sharing service
• To enable local services and businesses to share information with the community and each other
• Advertise jobs/training, events and other opportunities
• To give local young people the opportunity to experience working in a media environment
• Offer training opportunities for young people
• Create employment opportunities for local people

Southside is available in both printed and web based electronic formats.

Market Research
There are more than 82,000 people living and working n the five wards that make up Wythenshawe – with this figure set to grow. The area is attracting substantial new business investment because of its location – on the southern edge of Manchester, with excellent road, rail and air links – with access to every corner of the UK and abroad. The demographics of Wythenshawe are changing too. Currently, there are more than 10 per cent of residents in the AB social group and more homes are privately owned rather than rented – and these numbers are increasing.

Southside promotes Wythenshawe and highlights opportunities that will encourage further social and business regeneration of the area. It is a communication tool for all stakeholders and residents of Wythenshawe.

For more information, please call Margaret Graham on 0161 998 9411.