Wythenshawe businesses can offer government-funded work placements to unemployed young people thanks to charity BW3

The organisation – founded by local businesses to support the economic and social wellbeing of Wythenshawe – has become an intermediary of the Kickstart scheme.

Kickstart was set up in response to the coronavirus pandemic and means businesses can take on a 16-24-year-old for six months, with all costs covered by the government.

Companies offering 30 placements or more can apply directly to the scheme, which also provide grants to support training in things like interview skills and CV writing for those taking part.

BW3 has established itself as an intermediary, meaning small and medium sized businesses wanting to offer fewer opportunities can still access the funding, as well as other support navigating the process.

And the organisation – which has more than 250 members from Wythenshawe and surrounding areas – is offering interested businesses the chance to find out more at a special interactive event.

The BW3 Wythenshawe Business Gateway (WBG) was held on 15th October where BW3 made the announcement that they are to be a Gateway oganisation.

Nathan Jack, of BW3 committee, said: “The Kickstart scheme gives businesses the chance to offer genuine work placements to young people, with all costs covered by government, which we know will be attractive to so many in the area.

We know many of our members are really interested in giving an opportunity to young people in Wythenshawe, at the same time as adding extra valuable resource to their business at this challenging time.

“Kickstart is very much in line with the ethos of BW3, which exists to find ways to help businesses support young people in the area. We wanted to find a way to ensure businesses of all shapes and sizes could take part, as well as helping them through the process as much as possible.

“We would urge anyone who thinks Kickstart could have a positive impact on their business, at the same time as giving an opportunity to a young person, to find out more.”

To register your interest in creating one or more Kickstart jobs, please complete the BW3 Kickstart Employer Enquiry Form and the BW3 Co-ordinator will contact you to explain more.

There is more information on the Kickstart scheme available on the BW3 website