What is Dementia – My Story by Kenny Hope

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Dementia is devastating / Dementia/Alzheimer’s what is it? / How does a person get it? / How can I stop it?  / Is there a cure?  / Is it hereditary? 

The simple answer is no one knows. You can do all the research ask all the questions however, you will find a contradiction to everything you have read or been told. Unfortunately, that is the way it is at the moment. Learning to be supportive, patience and understanding the needs of the sufferer by helping to assist and care with their ever-changing lifestyle.

The Charity young dementia provides a much-needed service. this is one of the reason I decided to get involved. I want to raise more awareness and support for this charity and feel the best way I can achieve this is via fundraising. 

My mother and her siblings were all diagnosed with some form of this horrible illness… this has had a distressing effect on the whole family and close friends. Now at the age of 55 I decided to go and check if it’s true that the disease is inherited i have had the required test, blood, MRI and pet scan and the results are positive.

I cannot advise you how the person you know will react or behave each person is different I can only tell you about my experience and how my mother’s memory declined rapidly. My personal experience is this illness is evil watching the deterioration of my mother’s memory knowing there is nothing I or anyone else can do is horrible I felt helpless

This is my mother the person who brought me into this world, she taught me how to laugh, how to cry, respect for others at all times and laid the foundations of the person I am today. Watching my mother fade away losing her memory knowing there was nothing I could do or say which would have changed her quality of life was sole destroying

Her brain had done a complete u turn my mother had become a baby in the space of 6 years she needed help to do everything that she had taught me. Everyday necessities like eating, hygiene sleeping was all alien to her, she was only 64 how is this possible and why?

Ten years on there is still no answer to the questions. There will be many things that will hurt you. For me it was the first time she didn’t know who I was whilst you know and understand it’s the illness The emotional distress I felt when my mother said I don’t know you… was devastatingly upsetting , this is my mother I am your son the pain of hearing it for the first time I will never forget.

Generally support for sufferers of dementia is left to family/friends with very little resources to help or assist carers who find it difficult coping with the devastating effects and emotionally challenges presented to them by supporting their loved ones. 

It sounds appalling when you put it into words that in this day and age all the technology the science we have available and we don’t have a prevention or a cure not even a medication for an illness that has been around for decades.

It does make you realise how complex the human brain is but it doesn’t stop you thinking we have designed electric cars that can drive themselves, we have a mobile phone that on a touch of a button can turn your home central heating on even when you are miles away from home.

Yet we cannot cure an illness for mankind!!

Kenny Hope Dds Transport