Walking home for Christmas in support of “Walking With The Wounded”

We are proud to help Glenn from Blue Ribbon Photography promote his Walking Home for Christmas in Support of “Walking with the Wounded” Read his story below

Between the 10th & 20th of December this year, I will be walking 5Km per day, for 10 days. The total distance walked is just over 50Kms, the equivalent of walking from Manchester to Sheffield. I start off at the Enterprise Centre and head along Benchill road and turn right onto Woodhouse lane. I turn left onto Hollyhedge road, past the shops and turn right at the College, then up Brownley road. After passing the fire station, I turn right onto Wavell road, past the old DWP building and cross Rowlandsway and into Civic Centre. I then either walk through the forum or bus station (I might alternate!) and out onto either Simonsway or Poundswick Lane. Either way, I go past the police station and then turn right at the MEA onto Greenbrow road. I then turn right on to Hollyhedge road and then left onto Broadoak road. At the end of Broadoak Road, I turn onto Benchill road and back into the Enterprise Centre. Total distance: 5.1Km (3.17 Miles). I have included a photo with the route marked out. The timings for the walk may vary day to day due to my availability, clients requirements, etc.

I will be carrying a Bergen (Large army rucksack) weighing 45Lbs (20.4 Kgs). (This does not include the weight of water which will add to the total weight). This weight is the weight required for a soldier attempting the Special Forces Selection tests. It’s the equivalent of over 20 bags of sugar, or the weight of a heavy suitcase packed ready for a holiday!

Why am I doing this, in winter, with a bad back, a frozen shoulder, P.T.S.D. & Type 2 Diabetes? I aim to raise at least £500 for Walking With The Wounded, a charity that provides all sort of help and assistance to veterans & their families. Attached is a poster showing some of the statistics from Walking With The Wounded. Their website: https://walkingwiththewounded.org.uk/Home/Index

People can help me in several ways (in no particular order):

Join me and get sponsored yourself (heavy bergen optional!).

Provide logistical help

Sponsor me per mile, per day, or total amount. You can do this as an individual or company. I will mention companies who sponsor me in social media etc.

Enter the sweep stake to see how close you can guess the completion time each day. 50p per entry, closest to the actual time gets 50% of the prize pot.

Make a donation on my Just Giving page. https://www.walkinghomeforchristmas.com/users/glenn-smith

Share this with all your friends & family on social media and ask them to help also.


This video shows what Walking With The Wounded do: https://youtu.be/DiBd9r_-mOk