Roads to Wythenshawe APP

Introducing The Roads To Wythenshawe App

The WCHG WOW Zone are proud to present the Roads to Wythenshawe app, available for all Android devices. Thanks to Manchester Metropolitan University for the development, and the Heritage Lottery Fund and WCHG for their support.

The app allows its users to explore the diversity of the Wythenshawe community using Augmented Reality (AR). AR interacts with objects in the real world to trigger an interactive digital experience. On the Roads To Wythenshawe app, users can explore interviews with local people, stories of journeys from other countries to Wythenshawe, recipes of world food and more.

The app has been designed by young people and developed by Manchester Metropolitan University, using content gathered by young people throughout the year-long Roads to Wythenshawe project.

The countries we have decided to focus on are Poland, Greece, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iran and India. We chose these countries because they represent the diversity of the young people who have engaged with the project, as well as the local people in Wythenshawe.

The AR app is the final element of the year-long Roads to Wythenshawe project. ‘Roads to Wythenshawe’ is a Heritage Lottery Funded project run by the WCHG WOW Zone, which allows young people to celebrate and explore how and why people have chosen to journey to and settle in Wythenshawe over the years. As part of the project, we also hosted a World Food Event at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, produced a two month exhibition at the People’s History Museum and met every Wednesday to learn about the diversity of Wythenshawe.

We hope you enjoy exploring the ‘Roads to Wythenshawe’ app!