Protecting your home during Hot Weather

The temperatures are rising and so are burgularies. Try not to make it easy for people to steal.

  • Fit window locks to you windows if they do not already have them so they can be put on the lock position so you can have them open.
  • Burglars can reach through an open window
  • Try not to leave them open when you go to bed
  • If you are having a barbecue at the back of your home – don’t leave the front open – If there is no forced entry it can invalidate your insurance
  • Don’t leave tools like shovels in your garden – lock them away – leaving them out can make it easier for burgulars to preopen windows with tools
  • Bricks – move out of sight easy way of smashing windows
  • Bikes scooters – easy way of being stolen – put them away
  • Ladders chain them up – lock them away
  • Lock your side gates
  • Hedges trim them down so burglars cannot hide behind them

Deterrents – security cameras, window vibration alarms (£5), intruder alarms (£15)