Proposed Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zone signs are appearing around Wythenshawe and Greater Manchester.

It is proposed that from 30 May some vehicles will need to pay to drive in a clean air zone.

Drivers of vans, buses, coaches, taxis and lorries that do not meet emissions standards must pay a daily charge to drive anywhere in Greater Manchester.

Private cars, motorbikes and mopeds are not included in the plan.

The charge is £60 a day for HGVs, buses and coaches, with vans paying £10 and taxi and private hire vehicles paying £7.50.

There will be a fine of £120 plus the daily charge for failure to pay the daily charge.

There is a financial support scheme open to HGV owners, who will be the first to have to adhere to the new rules from 30 May 2022.

£120m government funding has been awarded to Greater Manchester to help eligible businesses, organisations and individuals move to cleaner, compliant vehicles.

To find out if your vehicle will be liable for the Clean Air Zone charge:

Are you eligible for funding? Go to: