New homelessness charity puts down roots in Wythenshawe

Mark Booth, Local Champion at Emmaus South Manchester

A new homelessness charity is gearing up to support vulnerable people in Wythenshawe and surrounding areas.

Emmaus South Manchester aims to support homeless people and those suffering deprivation and social exclusion in the local area. Thanks to generous support from St. Andrews Church, the charity has set up a workshop in Wythenshawe and is now looking for retail premises to sell handmade items produced by local volunteers.

Mark Booth, Local Champion for Emmaus South Manchester, said: “This is a really exciting time for our charity as we’re putting down roots and building up a fantastic supporter base.

“Our social enterprise has already started to produce high quality items that are being sold in order to raise start-up funds to establish a new Emmaus community. Our journey has only really just begun, and we hope that in time, our community will grow and become a thriving asset for people in South Manchester.”

The Emmaus South Manchester social enterprise produces and sells wooden furniture, upcycled furniture and other interesting handmade items such as clocks and textile products. The items are all produced from reclaimed materials, diverting waste from landfill whilst generating an income to support the charity.

Emmaus South Manchester’s aim is to create a new Emmaus community that will support people who have experienced homelessness. The community will provide people with a home, training, work experience, individual support and an opportunity for a fresh start in life.

Frances Hirst, Chair of Emmaus South Manchester, commented: “We are very pleased to have started work to build the support and funds needed to establish the Emmaus South Manchester community. I would like to thank St. Andrews Church for their kind support and look forward to building more partnerships with organisations and groups in the area.”

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