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Managing Creative Projects is a special one-off project management course from The Factory Academy – and if you’re aged 19+ and currently unemployed, you can register now for a free place.

Managing Creative Projects will introduce you to the key principles and tools of project management, an essential skill for work in the creative industries. Over 12 weeks, you’ll discover how to set up, define and develop a project using key project-management skills – all taught by expert tutors and illustrated with real-life examples by guest speakers from across the creative industries.

Managing Creative Projects is open to all residents of Greater Manchester who are aged 19+ and currently unemployed, regardless of experience or qualifications. And this fully funded course is entirely cost-free for participants – all you need to commit is your time. Read on to learn more about the course and how you can sign up.


Managing Creative Projects is a course in three parts. To begin, you’ll learn how to set the ball rolling on a creative project. You’ll then consider how to make it happen, from the resources you’ll need to the decisions you’ll have to take. And finally, you’ll discover how to plan your project in detail – and how to guard against risks and dangers that might crop up along the way. We’ll provide you with a full course outline before your enrolment.

When you complete the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the major components of any project
  • Outline why making a ‘business case’ is important to any project
  • Describe the key aspects of a project initiation document
  • Create documents and tools to help manage a project
  • Recognise risk and how to prevent it affecting your project
  • Define your vision for a project – and what you want it to achieve


Managing Creative Projects takes place over 12 weeks, from Thursday 13 May to Thursday 29 July 2021. You’ll need to commit 24 hours per week to the course during this period – but 20 hours of this commitment is study time, which you can complete on your own schedule. The only fixed time commitments are:

  • A taught session introducing the theme for that week’s study (every Thursday, either 10am-noon or 3-5pm; we’ll assign you to either the morning or afternoon group for the full course, so you’ll have the same schedule each week)
  • A presentation by a guest speaker expanding on the week’s theme (every Tuesday, 5-7pm)

Due to COVID-19 limitations, all sessions will take place on Microsoft Teams. If you’re not familiar with Teams, we can help you get set up on it.


Managing Creative Projects is created and run by The Factory Academy, which was launched in 2018 by Manchester International Festival (MIF) to deliver training for people looking to start new careers in the cultural and creative industries. The Factory Academy will eventually be based at The Factory, a world-class cultural space currently being built in the heart of Manchester. Read more about it here.


Managing Creative Projects is open to all Greater Manchester residents who are aged 19+ and currently unemployed. You don’t need any previous project-management experience or qualifications, nor do you need to have taken part in any previous Factory Academy courses – Managing Creative Projects is open to all.


You can register for Managing Creative Projects online below. We’ll get in touch with everyone who registers before start of the course.REGISTER ONLINE