Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 will be taking place on 10th – 16th May and, with the effects the pandemic has had on everyone’s mental health over the last 12 months, it’s more important than ever to prioritise and attend to employees’ mental health in the workplace.

St John Ambulance has been working tirelessly to support the nation with the physical implications of the pandemic with our volunteers supporting the NHS by staffing Nightingale Hospitals, supporting A&E units, assisting with blood donations, providing Ambulance support and, most recently, helping to vaccinate as many people across the country against Covid-19.

Alongside this, we are supporting businesses like yours by equipping employees and employers with all the tools needed to prioritise mental health and wellbeing. As part of this, we surveyed ~900 people to discuss mental health in their workplace and to what extent COVID-19 has influenced their wellbeing. Some of the key outcomes of this survey are:

Almost 50% of employees feel that their employer should be doing more to support employee mental health during the pandemic.

88% of employees were either a little or very concerned about their colleagues’ mental health.

Only 54% felt able to tell their employer if they were feeling anxious or depressed

Clearly, the results of this survey indicate that employers still have a lot more to do to improve mental health support.

On our website, we’ve put together some free resources, tools and materials that we have put together for you to use, including a workplace mental health & wellbeing checklist, our mental health blog from leading organisations in workplace mental health support and our quiz to test your mental health knowledge.  
One outcome of our survey was that only 43% of the respondents’ employer had a mental health first aider. We’ve been delivering workplace Mental Health training for a few years and the last year has given us an opportunity to listen to our customers about what employers and employers really need and want. We’re very proud and excited to now launch two new Mental Health qualifications.

Our new one-day course, Mental Health: Workplace Responder, is a recognised FAQ Level 2 Award and our two-day course, Mental Health: Workplace First Aider, is a Level 3 Award. Both courses focus on the practical skills needed in workplaces and those who earn the qualifications will return to workplaces as competent mental health first aiders and responders, with the confidence to know how to help colleagues effectively, whether it’s spotting the signs that someone may be struggling and helping them to get the support that they need or knowing how to manage a mental health crisis.

Have a look on our website to find out more about our new Level 2 and Level 3 mental health qualifications and make sure you are fully equipped to support your employees.


Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be running free Mental Health webinars for you to learn some tips to take back to the workplace and also get a taster of our new mental health qualifications.

There are sessions running throughout the week but places are limited so please click the link below and book yourself on one of the free webinars.