Is your Child Safe Online – mobile Cyber Security

This is a topic that is becoming increasingly important now that children are spending more time online with e-learning. It is reported that 77% of young people say being online is a more important part of their life than ever before, with 65% enjoying online lessons during lockdown amidst school closures.

Sadly, 48% of young people are seeing misleading content every day, with more than one in 10 seeing it more than six times a day – often leaving them feeling annoyed, upset, sad, angry, attacked or scared.

This poses the question:

How do we keep children and vulnerable people safe online while ensuring their technology is positive and purposeful?

By setting parental controls on the child’s devices, parents can block all App downloads, inappropriate key word searches and sites.

Many devices now have some parental control features located within the device settings. However children are very adept at bypassing these simple measures.

You may consider installing software that is password secure.

It is also important to note that whilst parental Controls will create a barrier to protect children from exposure to harmful content and people online, but we need to be mindful that no parental control or filter is 100% secure. Inevitably exposure does occur, this is why having an open level of communication with your child, enables them to make you aware if such an incident occurs. We strongly discourage parents from giving out to a child if you have discovered they have accessed inappropriate content. Also do not take the device from the child then as a punishment. Our experience to date speaking to literally thousands of children suggests, children who have this experience are exceptionally reluctant to inform their parents if they are exposed to any negative content. Parents and children have to be on the same page if you are to ensure good open communication about online experiences.

Children are at a serious disadvantage and are considerably more vulnerable online if they can’t talk to their parents about their experiences.

Wardwiz for IOS and Android is available as a free trial download at the App store and provides a full range of parental control features. Wardwiz also allows parents to set a predefined area for their child and alerts the parents should they move outside of this.