Coronavirus – public transport guidance from TFGM

As you will be aware, from 30 November 2021, it is a legal requirement for passengers to wear face coverings on all forms of public transport – unless exempt – including on trams, trains and buses. The rules also apply to Metrolink stops, bus and railway stations and other transport interchanges. Those using taxis and private hire vehicles must also wear a face covering.

Information and advice across the Greater Manchester transport network has been updated and, working with partners, our priority is ensuring passengers are aware of the latest guidance around face coverings and other safe travel measures.

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Links to the latest information and guidance:

To help keep each other safe passengers are asked to follow the current safety measures: 

  • You must wear a face covering on all forms of public transport, unless exempt, including rail, tram, bus and Ring and Ride services, as well as rail and bus stations and Metrolink stops
  • Where possible open windows to maintain fresh air flow and ventilation
  • Clean your hands frequently by washing with soap and water or using hand sanitiser
  • Use contactless payment if you can
  • Services are likely to be busier – if you can, travel during quieter times
  • Consider walking or cycling, particularly for short trips
  • Please be kind and consider fellow passengers when travelling on public transport