Balancing your money can be easier with a credit union

Greater Manchester Community Credit Unions have come together to bring a fun and creative social media campaign for the first ever Credit Union Awareness Month. The campaign aims to create awareness of the positive impact credit unions are having in their communities.

SoundPound is the collective name for the Consortium of Greater Manchester Community Credit Unions. They want to make people aware that credit unions have a proven track record in helping people stabilise their finances in addition to supporting financial wellbeing through savings and loans.

To do this, they are encouraging people to take on the ‘How’s Your Balance’ challenge. To join in, all you have to do is balance something on your body, take a picture and share it on social media – nominating three friends as well as including the hashtags #HowsYourBalance and #CreditUnionAwareness.

Sheenagh Young, Chief Executive of South Manchester Credit Union, and SoundPound Chair, said: “Our Consortium has a clear mission to create wider awareness of credit unions. We want to use the power of social media to unite, educate and entertain local people. Greater Manchester deserves to know that credit unions are a safe and fair financial alternative for personal finance in this time of economic challenge and uncertainty.”

“We welcome everyone to take part so that we can start new conversations about personal finance and the long-term benefits of belonging to a credit union. We want as many people as possible supporting our message so we can reach those who don’t yet realise what a lifeline we can be.”

The credit unions that form SoundPound are; Cash Box Credit Union (Tameside), Manchester Credit Union, South Manchester Credit Union, Stockport Credit Union, Unify Credit Union (Wigan), Hoot Credit Union (Bolton), Salford Credit Union and Oldham credit Union. All eight will be sharing creative balancing images throughout Credit Union Awareness Month to amplify their messages of who they are, what they offer and the support they’ve provided throughout the pandemic.

Sheenagh continued: “For almost 60 years, UK credit unions have been coaching their members to manage their money confidently. There are over 65,000 credit union members across Greater Manchester – all from different financial backgrounds. We’re inclusive and have a friendly, human approach to help people through any life event or financial shock. We’re here to support you.”

Robert, South Manchester Credit Union Member, described his experience: “South Manchester Credit Union have been very helpful and can lend you money when in need – especially because of Covid. They’re supportive, friendly and understanding.”

Sheenagh added: “We have stood by people facing hardship from the pandemic and we’ve also watched some people’s savings grow as they’ve had more disposable income. As we move into recovery from the effects of Covid, we’ll start to see more of its damaging economic influence. This campaign will be crucial for what comes next. Credit unions can provide a safe harbour for those who need financial support and we can help weather any storm that may come their way.”

To find out more about the campaign and your local credit union’s support, visit

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