200 DofE Awards at Health Academy!

200 students at Manchester Health Academy have achieved their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award this year – a huge number for a single school, and more than were awarded in some entire Local Authority areas! 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic our students continued with their DofE work during lockdowns and around restrictions, adapting their efforts to include volunteering to help neighbours who were isolating, litter picking their streets and learning new skills at home. 

Mr Martin, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Manager at the Academy, said “I am very proud of the hard work and resilience these students have shown in order to achieve their Bronze awards this year.  Although they have missed out on many things because of lockdowns, they have ploughed on with their Award work to become the largest group of students to achieve their awards in the Academy so far.” 

The Academy offers each of their 210 Year 9 student the opportunity to take part in the DofE Bronze Award each year, and this coming year will see a number of older students starting their Silver awards.